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Jeanne King, Graphic Designer

BonBon is owned by Jeanne King, a 36-year Graphic Designer with a background in publishing, editing, Art Direction, real estate, and business ownership.  She has designed business identities, decor, logos, parties, and events, for years. Jeanne loves to assist with the corporate identity and branding of new businesses, especially small businesses on a budget. She created the Corporate ID program for a multi-million dollar company, and many small businesses. 

It causes her stress to walk into a small business which has hired no designer to create their environment and experience. The impact of hiring a professional designer is huge. Picture the aesthetic experience you have when walking into a beautiful, national chain store. Professional designers have ensured a cohesive design that has the desired effect on the customer.  Is it your goal for your customer to relax, trust you with their finances, want to buy your food, etc.?  Design strategies are important to the success of your business.  Repeated use of a professional logo has a big impact on the monetary value of your image. Most small business owners have no business handling this part of their job... you should invest in a pro to get you started.  Are you able to create the proper artwork for your logo to be made into a large sign?  Do you know how important color choices are in your store and branding plan?  

Email Jeanne for help.  

seashell logo.jpg
Surf City Soap Shop color logo.jpg
Modern Mosaics Logo4.jpg
Sam 2.jpg
Sara King Jewelry logos etc.jpg
Seacoast Anchor logo jpeg.jpg
Flop Sausage Fire Oval LABEL2.jpg
FH logo sample, no rope border.jpg
logo keith.jpg
jenni logo.png
Jenni Mix OCD Montage.jpg
Jeanne did the full design of an ice cream boat, "The Ice Cream Float," including the design of the boat, all its decorations, the logo, and all printed design; plus, the re-design when they changed the decor to a pirate ship.
TICF signs for boat coroplast.jpg
TICF menu page 1.jpg
J3 and Jamo 4-3-15.jpg
Hunt 22.jpg
Podium sign TICF 2.jpg
Azalea Festival Parade Pompom girls.jpg
TICF Pirate 2019.jpg
TICF MENU Side 1.jpg
Pirate ticf gear decor.jpg
Pirate TICF t shirt.jpg
JM logo reggae colors.png
Jolly Mon banner.jpg
Jolly Mon Jams t-shirts.JPG
Jolly Mon Jams Yeti cooler.jpg
Jolly Mon shirt to print.jpg
Jolly Mon III t shirts.jpg
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