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Group Parties at BonBon

You'll be amazed what you can create at BonBon! Not only will you enjoy yourself, but you'll take home a decorated sign that you will be truly proud of, and enjoy for years to come! BonBon's staff is warm, welcoming, and fun... and expertly qualified to help you create something beautiful.  


No skill or talent is needed.  We'll help you with your painting, and you'll be surprised what you can do!


There is no additional charge for a party!  Party time slots are 2.5 hours. There is always a Neverending Tea Party at BonBon (coffee, tea, cocoa, and a baked treat).  You can bring additional food and drinks.  

Our wonderful party room is a delight for your senses, inspiring creativity.  No need to decorate and clean house... have your party at BonBon! We have vast parking, and we're conveniently located in Wilmington near Landfall, Mayfaire, Wrightsville Beach, and Porter's Neck. Stop in anytime we're open to check out our party space, and enjoy our free Neverending Tea Party.

Men and boys are always welcome.  Guys often have abundant artistic skill... and sometimes are the talented ones in the family. We book parties anytime our calendar allows, to meet your group's needs. 

If you need a meal with your party, many restaurants are very close by.  Pizza Hut, Smithfield's BBQ, Tropical Smoothie Cafe, Chick Fil-A, Zoe's Kitchen, Epic Food Co., La Costa Mexican, Sahara Pita and many more are very near, and you can easily arrange catering with those. Clean Lean Green is directly next door to BonBon. 

Choose from our many sign shapes. Click on the tab above, "Prices, Shapes."  We can cut any shape you like in the Large size! If you'd like a special shape, just email BonBon, and we can probably create what you want!  Call ahead if you want to make sure a certain shape is in stock. 

For group parties, you'll need to get your shape request in ahead of time, ask your party host for that deadline.  You can click the button at the top to book your spot with your group. 

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